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Cards - Written Out Loud (2)-1-1
Pioneered at Yale | Developed in Hollywood

Written Out Loud’s three core principles are transforming how kids learn - and love - to write.


Writers Write Words.
Storytellers Right The World.  

It's no mystery that kids are struggling more than ever with their mental health. As a result of the pandemic, learning loss is at an all time high. Kids have suffered from being isolated and stuck in toxic environments that are making them technology dependent - even hopeless.  Equitable and engaging solutions are needed to help kids reconnect. Team-based Storytelling gives the individual a voice while simultaneously providing a supportive community.

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courageous STEPS TOWARDS HEROIC confidence

Your Book Writing Journey

Your New Team

To begin your journey, click on our provided Zoom link... and find yourself face-to-face with your new team of Storytellers, and your amazing Story Director! Share what you love about your favorite stories, and feel the unbreakable bonds of fellowship start to form...

Storytelling Secrets

Your Story Director teaches you the craft of skillful storytelling, revealing coveted secrets with each lesson. Practice honing these techniques with your teammates, and feel your courage and ability to captivate an audience grow stronger with each session...

Storytelling Missions

Between sessions, put your ideas into your own original stories and chapters. Share your writing during sessions and get helpful feedback from teammates!

Your ultimate mission? Write a book. You won't believe how fun this will be when accomplished with your team!

A Published Author

With your final mission complete, your Story Director will send your story off to be published. Within two months, your published, co-authored book will arrive on your doorstep! 

We will be eagerly waiting to welcome you back for your next journey!

The Call To Adventure is never far...

impact and data

A tale of heroic growth

Our program is generating proven results:

OF Participants

show demonstrable writing growth (their average word count increases over 50% by the end of the program)

OF participants

who show up on Day 1 become regular program attendees


students' use of mature and advanced vocabulary

...and an increase in state testing scores!

While the nation's test scores plummeted, students who took the Written Out Loud program increased their state reading and writing scores significantly more than their counterparts.*

Third graders
Increased their scoreS

36% more

than those who did not participate

Fourth graders
increased their scores

29% more

than those who did not participate

*East Windsor (NJ) Regional School District



Hear how kids, parents, and educators have been transformed by Written Out Loud.




"Sometimes when you write stories, you have to write about a specific topic that other people tell you to do. At Written Out Loud you can write about whatever you want to. And the best thing is that other people’s ideas–you can combine your idea with to make it an even better idea."


Heather White


"At Written Out Loud, my daughter has found groups where they pull the best out of each other. Each time I listen to my daughter's classes I find myself wanting to either go back to being 12 so I could be part of the WOL class, or I wish I could grow up again to be the Story Director. Every minute she has spent in these classes has been magical."


Duane Smith


"The fact that students, through Written Out Loud, become published authors and begin to see themselves as experts, creators, storytellers - there is nothing better. To have that joy is something that is just irreplaceable."

Which journey is right for you?

Our Program Is Flexible

Whether you're an educator, parent, or guardian, we can bring team-based storytelling to your kids in the environment and timeline that best serves you.

From Afterschool Enrichment Programs, to Summer Day Camps, to In-School ELA Units, Written Out Loud can become an epic contributor to your child's- or students' social, emotional, and academic enrichment!

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