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What is Written Out Loud?

Helping Kids Discover The Truest Version Of Themselves

When I was in elementary school, I was a creative kid who felt, deep down, that I didn’t have a creative place to play. The activities that were open to me were, basically, sports. Sports were where the peers and parents went, after school every day, delivering the kind of validation that only transpires when an entire community mobilizes around an activity.

After a 25-year career making films in Hollywood, I created Written Out Loud to give creative kids the exact same team- and community-oriented validation that young athletes receive. Written Out Loud delivers elite instruction, mentorship, and fellowship - combining Hollywood storytelling techniques with Ivy League caliber instruction and Silicon Valley-engineered program delivery. Our unique group-storytelling approach is revolutionizing how kids learn writing, transforming even reluctant readers into joyful writers - and yes, published authors. Not only does Written Out Loud develop kids’ storytelling skills, it gives them a safe, inspiring space to grow their courage, empathy, and self-confidence.

“At Written Out Loud,” said one of our students, “I feel more like myself than anywhere I’ve ever been.” We would be thrilled and honored to provide this same outcome for the children of your community: to create the kind of space that so many creative kids need, deep down. Through mentorship, fellowship, and craftsmanship, kids at Written Out Loud are discovering, strengthening, and giving voice to the best version of themselves.

Joshua Shelov, Founder & CEO



Once Upon a Time

Eight Storytellers living in far away lands banded together to create a world where ANYONE brave enough to enter could find fellowship with others like themselves, and together, unleash the great beauty of their imaginations.

Who are these eight?


Meet Our Leads



Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Joshua Shelov

Founder and CEO

Christopher Green

Chief Operating Officer

Maria DiGregorio

Customer Service Lead

Naomi Giddings

Book Publishing Lead

Cassie Gilmore

Data & Assessment Lead

Sarah Mills

Communications Lead

Joe Skoff

Blog & Director Onboarding

The Seven Leads Were Not Alone...

For they summoned from every corner of the land a merry band of talented beings, each gifted with the singular ability to inspire and lead young Storytellers. These are the Written Out Loud Story Directors: our remarkable teachers. These brilliant story-folk guide every child, crew, book, and journey in our program. Many come from unexpected corners: some are actors, others writers, still others illustrators and filmmakers, educators, and child-raisers.

It is our Story Directors who greet your child and community every session, and make it possible for our precious, imaginative world to exist.



Want to join our storytelling world?

What if your job brought the kinds of tears to your eyes that come from changing kids' lives for the better?

Working with us will bring you to tears.

Happy tears.

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