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Amazing Quotes

Here at Written Out Loud, we like to save quotes from our students that tickle us, move us, and generally brighten our day. Here are a few: Enjoy!


“Xander! Are you okay!?!” said Xander’s Mom while rushing towards him.
“Mom! I'm fine. Just got blown up, no biggy.”
“Okay, see you soon.”


"I feel sick; my stomach sinks and I think I need to throw up. I run to the nearest side of the ship and the cookies get tossed."


"He saw in one of the men's hands a briefcase which Harambe thinks is filled with a whole bunch of bananas but it just has a whole bunch of money."


When discussing the villain in a story, one of the girls said:
“You know…I don’t think he’s really bad. I don’t think anyone is bad…they’re just broken inside.”


“OH what a dream come true! My plan is working perfectly! Now, for one of my final surprises!” Dr. Van Healan exclaimed as he spun once again to the other side of the room, where he stared at a green button as if it were his son.
“How proud I am of you!” he screeched at the button, “You work! Okay, time to press yoooooooou!”

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