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Introducing: Story Sparks

Joe Skoff here–Senior Story Director, blogger extraordinaire. I'm here to announce that my new podcast, Story Sparks, has just dropped on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

I know, I know, another Written Out Loud podcast? These things must be growing on virtual trees over here! But let me assure you–whereas Josh's "Written Out Loud Podcast" (which you should absolutely listen to) has more to do with unpacking stories and exploring structure, "Story Sparks," my new interview series, shines a light on our best and brightest storytellers. 

Every week I meet an outstanding young writer in our program at the location of their choice (so far we've met in the middle of the O2 stadium, a frozen lake in the middle of winter, and a Thai restaurant) to discuss their life, writing philosophy, and daily writing routine. Every week we have an absolute blast and always learn a thing or two about the writing process. 

I wanted to make this podcast because at Written Out Loud, we have a trove of incredibly talented writers who display their work only to their crews. There needed to be a place to celebrate their effort, where they were taken seriously as authors and asked questions befitting a published writer…which they are, some many times over! 

So jet set across the universe with myself and our most talented storytellers! And if you think a child you know would be a perfect guest for the program, please submit a comment below and we'll write back in a jiffy. 



Click here to listen on Apple Podcast!

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Click here to listen on Spotify!

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