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Storyteller Spotlight: Klara Fichter

Last week, we sent out a fun storytelling mission to Klara Fichter, a talented young writer about to start her first novel, and asked her to draw/describe a series of magical animals. She sent us an INCREDIBLE series of sketches regarding griffons–not only that, but Klara also wrote a short story about these creatures as well! 

Without further ado, Klara’s sketches, descriptions, and story:


Aquatic Griffons are an overpopulation of griffons that live in the seas, lakes, oceans, or any body of water. Aquatic Griffons are small creatures the size of someone's head, and they're skin is see-through, so you can see the stinky food they digest, and all their contaminated organs. Aquatic Griffons eat plastic junk and dead carcasses of fish. They also stink up the oceans and trash beautiful water landmarks, like the Bermudas. Aquatic griffons are hunted and killed by humans and are quickly trying to be found and stopped from destroying reefs and oceans.

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