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Storyteller Spotlight: Roger Walsh


Roger Walsh

My Made-Up Dragon

The Sea Basilisk was ready. Today they were fighting the final battle of The Great Dragon War (Grád Draha Staré in dragon) against the Beach Hydras (Pááh Drúmila). If they won the end of Grád Draha Staré, it would be over.

“Wa neuwt fron Grád bóttl tohnighut.” (We must win the battle tonight.) One said.“Sa Sorr.” (Yes sir.) The other said.

Eventually, garras (Boats) were pouring into the beach.

Kaleio touched an opponent with poisonous scales. The opponent turned yellow and became sick to the liver. Kaleio means Victorious.

A Pááh Drúmila was about to breathe poison on Kaleio. With a swing of his tail, Kaleio created a giant wave.

Kaleio used his powers to blend in with the water and ambush another. With a swing of his non-lethal tail club he smashed it into him and knocked him out cold.

Then a 4 headed female used one head to bite his neck where the scales were not poisonous. Kaleio slid his head down and the Pááh Drúmila pricked her head on his spine. It was injured, but not too bad. The second head tore off a horn, but Kaleio, using his power, teleported out of that.

A couple of hours later, Sepia Basslicus Sea Basilisks came with exhausted and grim faces, “Wĺe losseted!” We lost! “Leppod destirfie.” Weapons destroyed. Beno moaned.

“Wĺe reman hal walhe te armo.” We still have over half our army. “Tha ghát mappers.”

That's what matters.


Roger is 8 years old and in third grade. He has been writing novels for fun since kindergarten. Some of his titles include Pandemic Slave, Alien Out Of Space, and Lost Men O’ The Sea.

He is enjoying learning about writing in a group in his Written Out Loud class. He also enjoys hockey and kung fu and is learning to play the guitar and the viola. 



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