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Storyteller Spotlight: Trinity Quinonez

Secrets of the Hydra 

By Trinity Quinonez 


                                                                                                                                      Illustrated by Sebastian Torres

Roger was new to the neighborhood. He was not happy about leaving his friends behind at his

old school. There was something about making new friends that made Roger nervous. Finally, it

was the first day of 3rd grade and Roger walked to school. He noticed a cute girl walking in front

of him. She turned around to look at him and he couldn’t believe for a second he thought she had bright yellow eyes.

During third period, Roger was in the library and he was approached again by the cute girl. It

caught him by surprise because he was looking at his favorite book about dragons.

”Hi,” the girl said. “You're new here. What's your name?”

“I’m Roger, what’s up?” Roger said nicely.

“I’m Bella, do you love dragons? Bella asked while staring at the book.

”Yeah, why?” he asked while flipping the pages.

"I also love dragons,” Bella said, then walked away.

"Cool,” he replied back–but she was already gone.

Bella wasn’t a typical kid. She transformed at night into a Hydra.

A couple of days later he saw Bella walking into a cave. It was a dangerous cave. Why so dangerous? Visitors that go inside are never seen again.

"Hey!” Roger yelled.

"Hi again!” said Bella.

“Why are you going into that cave? It’s dangerous!"

”No, it’s not dangerous it’s just different…I was raised in the cave."

"WHAT!?!?!?” Roger yelled.

He wondered if everyone who wandered into that cave never returned...was Bella the reason?

No way, he thought. Then Roger heard a big roar and it echoed throughout the cave. "What is that

thing?” Roger asked.

“It’s my mom. She’s a Hydra just like me. She’s morphed and well ... it's feeding time”.


Trinity is 8 years old and she’s a storytelling wizard. She enjoys reading and writing stories about comedy and mystery. She takes gymnastics lessons and recently learned how to do handstands. Her favorite color is blue. When she's not writing stories, she loves snuggling up to her puppy Troy and sipping on hot chocolate!



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