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The voice behind a story is everything. For example, imagine if The Lord of the Rings was told by a corporate middle manager:


Gandalf: Frodo do you have a few minutes for a download? I’ve got an urgent matter that’s gonna be a big lift.

Frodo: Sure, after Bilbo's party I’m gonna have a lot more bandwidth.

G: Alright, I’ll throw it on my calendar.

-Gandalf visits Frodo

G: So this ring needs to be destroyed. We’ve got some headwind on this from the orcs and Uruk-hai from Mordor and Isengard.

F: I see, well I think I can get that done for you. What’s the timeline for deliverables? Also, are eagles in the budget?

G: Well, the client is the whole world and the longer this is on hold, the closer they come to falling into darkness. And no. No eagles.

F: Ah, and how much ask is Rivendell absorbing?

G: We never know with them, you know? Sometimes they hop right in the saddle and send entire elf armies, but sometimes they’re OOO on their ships to the white shores. If we want it done right we have to do it internally.

F: Maybe we can get a touch point on the calendar at some point to form a Fellowship. I’ve got the bandwidth but didn’t receive much onboarding. It’d be helpful to have some senior staff looped in. Perhaps Gimli of Gloin and Legolas? I can also gather my team’s avails. Our interns Pippin and Mary are usually wide open.

G: I like the idea of a touchpoint. I’m going to ping my boss and see if he’s willing to invest. Can you gather avails from all parties and throw out a few cal slots, and see if you can book the Rivendell Stump meeting room? Elrond may need some massaging, but it’s well within budget.

F: Yes, I’ll gather avails and loop you in.


Clearly, if you want to move the needle on your story, be sure to double-click on voice this quarter.

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