I know what you’re thinking: did the break-up have anything to do with this story?

I’ll tell you this.

It sure didn’t help.

Now it’s your turn! I know it seems scary to tell a story in front of a camera (I was super nervous when I started) but after a few seconds I promise you’ll forget that you’re alive, and you’ll lose yourself in whatever memory you decide to choose!

There are several ways to send us your powerful submission: you can email it to communications@writtenoutloud.org, or post it to Youtube like I did and email us the link! You can also @ us on Tik Tok (@_written_out_loud_) and Instagram (@wolstorytelling) with #writtenoutloudchallenge.

Be brave! Be bold! Tell your incredible story and share it with the world!

Think of how many plungers you could buy with $1,000…

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