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Your journey begins in one week.

Friends: we leave in one week's time.
We have delayed and prepared; made our promises and broken them. But at some point, the journey becomes impossible without stamping our canes on the floor and saying: what we have, and who we are, is enough. It is time to begin.
March 20th is the day.
I am so incredibly proud of the astonishing rush of travellers who have summoned their courage to join our 2023 Written Out Loud Fellowship over these past few days alone. Susan, paralyzed by indecision for years, has signed up for our adult novelist program. Brilliant teenage novelists Camille and Mate and Hudson and Christopher and Grant and Lu have thrillingly rejoined our merry band, after spending a year or more on side adventures. And we are joined now by a stunning cohort of new voices: Mary and Rachana and Bella and Atticus (!) among many others.
We are all, every one of us (including your humble narrator) heading to the same destination: StoryCon 2023 at Yale University in December, where we will be handed the first copies of our published books.
You, and/or your child, have a single week remaining to join us. We depart on March 20th, no ifs, ands, or further excuses.
Our fellowship will be profoundly and forever strengthened by the addition of your family.
And vice versa.
You may regret some decisions you make in life. But what is the likelihood you or your child will regret joining a six-month journey of fellowship and creativity, culminating in the completion and publication, at long last, of the story only you can tell?


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