Story Director


We teach the craft of storytelling to kids ages 8-17 using age-old storytelling tools and techniques buried inside favorite books, shows, movies, musicals, and plays. You will be guiding your groups of 4-6 kids in writing a collaborative novel that will be published!

A story director must:

     * have a comprehensive knowledge of kid-friendly books and shows: Harry Potter, Hamilton, Marvel/MCU, Percy Jackson, Star Wars, etc.

     * be able to speak to the underlying structure within stories, i.e. Campbell's Hero's Journey steps, hallmarks of character development, etc.

     * have a joyful, positive spirit!

To apply, send us:

     * Your resumé

     * A short, 2-3 minute video you take with your phone (no fancy production or editing required) in which you speak from the heart about ONE story you'd love to teach - can be a movie, TV show, book, musical...any stories that YOU love, that YOUNG PEOPLE love, and that you think would make great, fun subject matter to break down in a session. Upload the video to YouTube and send the link or include the file in your application.

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