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2023 Novelist Books
En Passant by Jesse Kim
Bird Cage by Lulu Spitzberg
Prometheus by Christopher Kricorian
The Mysterious Time Machine At Lockswood Academy by Noah Stopnik
Whispers by Audrey M. Tanin
The Spirits by Ilina Bodhale
Her Final Thoughts by Isabella Lu
Sticks and Stones by Josey Maldonado
Maya and the Wishing Tree by Aditi Sharma
Whispers of the Tides by Bella Cho
The Will of a Short Cat, A Two Sworded Devil by Daniel Hernandez
Twin Crushes by Olivia Williams
Mentally A Hero by Jada Washington
Beyond the Summit by Aidan Polston
The Land of Dreams by Maddy Hwang
Newmoon Academy: Daughter of Hades by L.I.A. (Laila Afonja)
Not Quite Normal by Violet McDonald
Wrongfully Accused by Vivienne Hunter
In Another Lifetime by Pooja Hiremath
The Bright Yellow Beauty by Sloan Silvers
Journey by Silas Ladavac
Vanish by Alexandra Yao
When All is Lost by Vivian Amerson
Where Am I? by Lucia Acanfora
The Ethereal Realm by Aisha Alshamsi
The Alter-Shifters: Leo by Eleanor Yonker
Change for Yourself by Daniella Scarpace
Legacy of the Prince by Teddy LaVerne
Starbound by Liya V. Cilio
She Dreams of Lightning by Charlie Cavallaro
A Girl From Two Worlds by Deetya Sri
Sand, Struggles, and Secrets by Aaron Wu
Survivor by Ajay Nadiminti
Dreamer by Virginia Kent
Silverblood by Mike Rosenthal
Banished by Hudson Schunk
Frostbite by Jacob Delaney
Pydro Prophecy: The Gem of Souls by Kata Angermueller
Small-Town Girl by Kayleigh Munro
A Blonde Tale by Sofia Sarinana
Mori's Blood by Emi Wood
The Black Dahlia by Aanya Ballesteros-Pattanayak
The Night She Never Returned by Gwen Freis-Pirnik
Tales of Sarhsylia by Ella Lee
Impossible by Sara Mehdi
Dragon's Cry by Madeleine Berginski
The World Will Keep Spinning by Lucy Linna Kjersgaard (Evangeline Hayes)
Bad Kids by Jendayi West
Tightly Knit Book One: The Lake by Ruby Lu
The Missing Piece by Alyazia Alshamsi
Rise of the Sun Rider by Matt Malone
Of Gravity and Grace by Richelle Rainée (Shellie Giroux)
Ongoing: A Collection of Works in Progress from The Young Novelists Program 2023 by Bella Stallone, Michael Asselta
A Warring Romance by Brianna Flaum
Dark Magic by Priya Nadiminti
Summer in the Winter by Abigail Morone
The Story of Hailee Peters by Emma Beckman
The Underground Whispers by E.H.Kicinski
Enemies by Hannah Gregory
Pregnant Powers by Laurie J. English
The Pets of Olympus by Lucy Schuler
Blood on the Ballgown by Scarlett Lee
Trust Is a Two Way Street by Ava Umyn
Calista and The Golden Eagle Treasure by Annika Pinol
Beyond the Court by Anisha Bobra
With Failure, Comes Success by Mariam Naqvi
Artemis by Clara Harris
Elephants Always Remember by Rania Caberwal
No Other Four-Leg Fire-Breather by Sophia Langford
The Night Blooming Witch by Kirtishree Gnanavel
The Revival by Rajan Bobra
Where All Stories Meet by Lily Jo Ramsey
The Girl Who Bent Water by Kiland Hatcher
A Pack is Forever by Mary Daly
Power of Pen by Remy Son Stolow
Cloud of Grief by Rachana Rachel Nou
The Undercover Team’s Short Story by Aasha Sisaudia
The Secret Mermaid by Isabella Li
Crown of Crows by Gemma Olson

(Just A Few Of The) Legendary Storyteller Books

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