FMYN23-13 Christopher Kricorian 1


By Christopher Krikorian
Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi

Professor Vaulen Flitz is an eccentric hermit obsessed with creating steam-powered robots— often resulting in destructive and life-endangering malfunctions. However, when a mysterious substance causes his powerful technology to clash with nature, Vaulen gives life to a band of horrible monsters obsessed with cleansing the world of human sin. Will he live to tell the tale of these incredible beasts? Or will he be deemed a monster himself, slain by his own twisted creations? 

FMYN23-24 Hannah Gregory 1


By Hannah Gregory
Action/Adventure, Fantasy

People are dying, rebellions are raging. Their perfect life is rapidly slipping away. Most of all, every single race affected by the dirty little secret the council has tried to hide for centuries are seeking revenge… and they won’t stop until they get it! 

Grindilville is no longer safe, and if Kate and Ollie don’t do something about it soon, they might just burn in the very flames that have started to surround everything and everyone that they love. It’s a matter of life and death, and one question remains certain through it all. 

Who is the real enemy?

FMYN23-25 Annika Pinol 1

Calista and the Golden Eagle Treasure

By Annika Pinol

Calista is an ordinary straight-A student until she discovers the legacy she carries…

FMYN23-27 Sophia Langford 1

No Other Four-Leg Fire-Breather

By Sophia Langford
Action/Adventure, Fantasy

Scorcher, a young Four-Leg Fire-Breather dragon, has never been like the rest. His elite father pressures him to become the next big hunter in the family. He has also been told by his parents about the mysterious other types of dragons from lands far away, especially his kingdom’s worst enemies: the Long Ones. 

So when Scorcher finally meets a Long One and discovers they are not like he’s been told, the two embark on an adventure to find out the truth about the other kingdoms–before an impending war turns both their worlds upside-down.

FMYN23-17 Mary Daly 1

A Pack is Forever

By Mary Daly
Folklore & Mythology

Dobby. Dobbito. Friend. Enemy. Dobby has had to be many things, but he never expected that he would need grow out of being a naive little pup without the help of his family. Thank Ortega, because luckily, he found a new family. A pack. But like all families, this one has some issues.

FMYN23-08 Gemma Olson 1

The Crown of Crows

By Gemma Olson
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery/Horror/Thriller

“Trust is so silly, isn’t it?”

Ariel Rowland is a thirteen-year-old girl with a talent for getting answers. Her mother had always been a mystery to her, as she’d disappeared years ago. Ariel’s whole world is turned upside down when an angel visits her, saying that her mother was no ordinary human. She was an angel. Ariel’s suddenly thrown into a world of doubt, danger, and mystery, gaining help in unlikely places and learning the secrets surrounding her mother and her disappearance. As the mystery begins to unravel, she wonders: what other mysterious monsters could be lurking in the shadows of the places she thought she knew everything about?

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