cover TBD

Escaping the Terminal Missile

By Adith Kadiyala
Genres tbd

Summary coming soon!

FMYN23-25 Annika Pinol 1

Calista and the Golden Eagle Treasure

By Annika Pinol

Calista is an ordinary straight-A student until she discovers the legacy she carries…

cover TBD-1

The Opposing Forces

By Brianna Flaum
Genres TBD

Summary coming soon!


cover TBD-1

The Inferno Knight

By Drake Warden
Genres TBD

Summary coming soon!


cover TBD-1

Title TBD

By Emily Miner
Genres TBD

Summary coming soon!


FMYN23-19 Jacob Delaney 1-1


By Jacob Delaney

A famous New York detective is summoned back to his Alaskan town to solve a series of bizarre murders. 

He tries to fight the past, but when he learns just how personal these killings are, he must decide between Justice and a man he swore to always look after. 

He’ll soon realize…the past can bite back. 

cover TBD

What's Outside the Box?

By Jonathan Fogel
Genres tbd

Summary coming soon!

FMYN23-03 Josey Maldonado 1-1

Sticks and Stones

By Josey Maldonado
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Folklore & Mythology

Everything is not always as it seems.

Lyra, who was once a regular elf that lived a regular life, finds her entire life changing when she is suddenly thrust into a dangerous journey through the magical world of Aevixia. And Cassiopeia, a troubled human with a dark past, finds herself embarking upon a journey for a treasure that is much closer to home than she realizes.

Join Lyra and Cassiopeia as they fight for their lives, make friends and foes alike, and uncover the true secrets of Aevixia.

FMYN23-08 El Spitzberg 2 (name change to lulu)-1

Bird Cage

By Lulu Spitzberg
Action/Adventure, Dystopian, Mystery/Horror/Thriller

Kenzie is thrust into a world of uncertainty and danger with her only guide being Adrain, an official with a mysterious past. Together they must fight their government to free themselves from isolation. Decades ago this society was confined in fear of starting an apocalypse. The Scrolls brothers' research suggests an apocalypse will occur from human interaction, everyone is immediately put into individual bunkers only exiting to work at a singular factory to provide for the Outside where government officials live. But what happens when a rebel group tests these boundaries? Will it benefit society or dig itself deeper into peril?


FMYN23-02 Mariam Naqvi 1-1

With Failure, Comes Success

By Mariam Naqvi
Realistic Fiction


Hana is a ten year old girl, who lives in Pakistan with her family. She used to have a brother until he died in a terrible storm. Hana also has an older sister named Anah, who is a famous model, and has made it to America. Hana’s mission is to get to America, and become a famous Author. Yet just getting on a plane to America is way harder than it may seem. 

Does she make it to the plane to get to America?  You’ll have to read it to find out…

FMYN23-19 Remy Son Stolow 1-1

Power of Pen

By Remy Son Stolow
Realistic Fiction

Kyung-Mi, a budding writer, is adjusting to her new life in New York City when a senseless tragedy strikes her family. With her absent father coming back into her life and school as stressful as ever, she struggles to keep her composure for her sister and mother. 

But through it all, she shows just how powerful the power of pen can be. 

cover TBD

Blood and Redemption

By Shambhavi Srivastava
Genres tbd

Summary coming soon!

FMYN23-27 Sophia Langford 1

No Other Four-Leg Fire-Breather

By Sophia Langford
Action/Adventure, Fantasy

Scorcher, a young Four-Leg Fire-Breather dragon, has never been like the rest. His elite father pressures him to become the next big hunter in the family. He has also been told by his parents about the mysterious other types of dragons from lands far away, especially his kingdom’s worst enemies: the Long Ones. 

So when Scorcher finally meets a Long One and discovers they are not like he’s been told, the two embark on an adventure to find out the truth about the other kingdoms–before an impending war turns both their worlds upside-down.

cover TBD

When All is Lost

By Vivian Amerson
Genres tbd

Summary coming soon!

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