"My son has been writing for 45 minutes straight!" 

The new problem: how to get your kid to STOP writing



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As America fell behind, hundreds of kids from one town wrote and published their own books!


JANUARY 23, 2022

EAST WINDSOR, NJ - It’s been widely reported that student test scores plummeted during the Covid-19 pandemic, erasing gains made in previous decades...

Storyteller Spotlight: Easton Keats Fenster

The Peace Dragon

By Easton Keats Fenster


There once was a dragon named Surtur. Surtur was always angry because villagers destroyed his home in the Ryrs Mountains of Poland. Surtur was a fire...

Finding Courage

When kids write, one of two things tends to happen: either they jump into it without thinking, finding immediate joy in expression–or they poke and prod at the idea, scared to commit, worried that...

This Year, Tell Better Stories

Whether it's a lunch break between shifts, a ride home on the bus with a stranger, or a lengthy conversation before bed with our family, let's do our best this year to captivate our audiences. 


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