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This Year, Tell Better Stories

Whether it's a lunch break between shifts, a ride home on the bus with a stranger, or a lengthy conversation before bed with our family, let's do our best this year to captivate our audiences. 

It's become routine now to denigrate social media for capitalizing on our need for quick dopamine hits–and we should–but we also need to recognize that if we want that to change, we need to become more interesting to one another, and to ourselves. 

Storytelling is how we established common myths, formed societies, and landed on the moon–human to human contact is the most powerful connection in the universe. 

If we're telling a story about our day, let's cut to the chase and embellish the best parts. If we're setting a standard for the year at our company, let's make the mission simple, but significant. If we're thinking about our own lives, let's be constructive and form a narrative that treats challenges as opportunities. 

And more than anything, let's tell our stories with enthusiasm

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