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Storyteller Spotlight: Easton Keats Fenster

The Peace Dragon

By Easton Keats Fenster


There once was a dragon named Surtur. Surtur was always angry because villagers destroyed his home in the Ryrs Mountains of Poland. Surtur was a fire dragon who could shoot fireballs and breathe fire. Because the villagers destroyed Surtur’s home, he wanted to destroy theirs. There was a very brave warrior who lived in that village and his name was Brute. 

Brute has a missing leg. He lost it the same day he had also lost his wife Fiona in a battle with Surtur many years ago. He was very angry with this dragon. Brute decided to make a speech to tell the villagers to start a huge war against the evil Surtur. The villagers packed up their gear and went off to battle the dragon. As the villagers climbed up the mountain they met an eight-year-old farmer boy named Oliver who was growing magical golden strawberries with his family. The golden strawberries had a special power. They could make Surtur happy and peaceful and not fight anymore! Oliver ran to the villagers and shouted, “I have magical golden strawberries that can cure this dragon!! They can make him a peaceful dragon and end this war!” Just then Brute heard this but didn’t believe Oliver, because he thought this magic could not be real. So Brute and the villagers kept climbing up the mountain. But Oliver knew he could help. 

Oliver took a basket of the golden strawberries and went through a shortcut in the mountain up to Surtur's cave. He got there before the villagers could make it and bravely entered the cave. The dragon saw Oliver and took one giant step toward him. Oliver began to try to speak to the dragon and said, “Take these delicious strawberries and they will make you a peaceful and happy dragon.” Surtur heard this and knew he wanted to be peaceful and happy. So Surter opened his giant mouth and Oliver poured all the strawberries into it. Just at that moment the angry villagers came into the cave and saw the little boy giving the dragon strawberries. They froze in surprise because they didn’t understand why the dragon wasn’t hurting the boy. As the dragon swallowed the strawberries an amazing thing happened - he turned from a fiery red color to a light peaceful green color. Oliver saw how the magic worked and patted the dragon on his head. As the villagers looked on in surprise, Surtur slowly walked past them and flew off gently on his green wings high into the sky. 

From that day on there were no more wars. Brute, Oliver, the villagers, and Surtur lived peacefully and happily for the rest of their lives.


Author Bio:

Easton is a 9-year-old 4th grader from New York. He loves to play his cello, draw, cook, and play basketball when he isn’t writing! His favorite authors are Andrew Clements, Judy Blume, and Kate DiCamillo who tell funny stories about interesting and courageous kids.



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